Divorce can be the most traumatic life-altering experience one may ever go through. Other than the passing of a loved one, there is little in life that can be compared to the pain and upheaval of divorce.

For a Frum Jew, divorce can be even more traumatic since it represents the breakup of a cornerstone of Jewish life. Many religious divorcees and their children often feel an acute social stigma and a helpless isolation from their communities.

The feelings most often experienced at the onset of divorce are panic and uncertainty. How will I cope? How will my children deal with our break-up? What about securing a Get and a Civil Divorce? How will I survive financially? To whom can I turn?

Frum Divorce was formed to help ease these burdens and provide support, education and community services to divorcees and their children.

Through the tireless work and dedication of our staff and volunteers, Frum Divorce offers community-wide lectures, special events, support groups, referrals and more in order to strengthen both children and parents in their time of need.

Our mission is simple as it is vital:
To provide Frum Divorce families and single parents with much-needed support to help overcome the trauma and loss of security as they embark on creating a positive, enduring new beginning.
Divorce is an ugly word, especially among the religious. It represents the break up of a cornerstone of Jewish life. Yet divorce is a growing issue in Jewish communities. The UJA-Federation of New York's 2011 Community Study found the divorce rate has increased by 22% since 2002—and that it is increasingly a problem for the religious. In Brooklyn, among Orthodox Jews, the study found divorce rose by over 20%.

The result is often loneliness and isolation, stigma and shame. Other than the passing of a loved one, few experiences in life can be as painful and traumatizing as divorce. Like bereavement, divorce can affect everyone. Divorce is a loss for parents and children alike.

We created Frum Divorce to heal the pain felt by parents and children of divorce in a strong community environment.

Through support groups, community lectures and popular events, we try to ensure no Jewish parent or child is alone at this most difficult time.